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‘n Ware Verhaal (2010)

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PTA GRLZ (jakaranda remix)

Once a year, the magical aroma of jacaranda flowers in the rain breaks even the hardest Pretoria breker's heart. One cannot help but be in love. This is that time. This is that city. These are those girls to be in love with. South Africa's favourite boy-band Desmond and the Tutus have written a power-love-anthem, and Bittereinder have made it better. Hip-hop-indie-remix goodness guaranteed to get real love flowing, we proudly present the Bittereinder Jakaranda remix of Desmond and the Tutus' PTA GRLZ.
SKERM music video

JAKKALS TROU 2014 REMIX music video

Jakkals Trou is about contrasts and paradoxes. It’s about glowing in the dark. This video is made for the (unreleased) 2014 remix of the song. The original version can be found on our 2nd album, DIE DINKDANSMASJIEN.

SLEGTE MENSE 2014 REMIX music video

Slegte Mense is a 2014 remix of both the original track and video. Rotterdam’s Tim Beumers sounds dope over any beat. This is still the first Afrikaans-Dutch rap colab ever.

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All Bittereinder’s graphics and visuals are made by Louis Minnaar. Here are some of our favourite gig flyers from Bittereinder’s past four years of live performances.


Kwaad Naas features iconic indie frontman Shane Durrant (from Desmond & the Tutus) and is a playful commentary on pronunciation and the age-old rivalry between Afrikaans and English. The song was selected as one of 5FM's Top 100 songs of 2013 after peaking at #3 on the Top 40 chart, and Louis Minnaar's video was nominated for a 2014 MK Award in the category Best Video.

Kulkuns is a magical collaboration with that cunning linguist Chris Chameleon. It’s a song about love, deceit, clichés and disillusionment. Louis Minnaar’s video for the song captures the contrasting tones of love’s chemical magic and horrible shallowness.

Die Dinkdansmasjien is the 2nd single and title track from Bittereinder's 2nd album. The video is a collage of live footage from Bittereinder's first 2 years of performing.

Slechte Mensen is the third single from Bittereinder's debut album, and is also the first Afrikaans-Dutch rap collaboration ever, featuring Rotterdam's Tim Beumers.

Die Slagting is Bittereinder’s second collaboration with Dutch rapper Tim Beumers (the first being “Slechte Mensen”, which was also the first Afrikaans-Dutch rap collaboration ever). The video, made by Louis Minnaar, premiered on Rolling Stone and MTV, and depicts clashing themes of violence and beauty.

Solidariteit's video was made from footage shot at a few live shows and on a 2011 Bittereinder tour of the Netherlands. The song was the 4th single off Bittereinder's debut album 'n Ware Verhaal.

Ware Verhaal is Bittereinder's first ever single and video, released end 2010. The video, directed by Louis Minnaar, was nominated for a Tempo Award in 2011 in the category Best Alternative Video.

A Tale of Three Cities features stalwart South African rappers Tumi Molekane and Jack Parow, and has become something of a cult song among people who have lived in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.